Marioli’s Story

Chef and Marioli’s founder Mariana Oliver was raised in Mexico City, a city known for its superb cuisine: it not only excels in the best of traditional Mexican food, but also has one of the broadest international culinary scenes in the world.

From an early age, Mariana was fascinated with making food for everyone. Certainly influenced by her family’s food service business, she created a small Tortas stand next to a construction site near her family’s summer house at age of 12. Mariana spent her vacation thinking of new Torta combinations that would delight the construction workers during their break. Years later, Chef Oliver continues to deliver the same dedication and passion to food and service as that of the eager 12 year old.

Travel has exposed Mariana to the rich food culture of Eastern and Western Europe, Egypt, the Middle East, and Latin America. These experiences have given her unlimited creativity in preparing food and catering events.

Mariana Oliver in a Marioli chef coat

“Here, people think it’s all about enchiladas and tres leches cake, but that’s not the case in Mexico.”

—Mariana Oliver, Founder

Mariana at Taco Fest 2018

After finishing her B.A. in business administration from Universidad Iberoamericana and working in the family business, Mariana learned that the prestigious French Cordon Bleu Culinary School had come to Mexico City. Eager to discover finer cooking techniques and recipes, Mariana enrolled. She completed her courses in record time, obtaining the first Grand Diplôme in Mexico, which is one of the few culinary credentials that signify mastery of both pastry and culinary fundamentals.

After graduating from Cordon Bleu, Mariana and her husband Jose Antonio Jauregui decided to start their own business venture focusing on fine catering for a wide range of parties and corporate events. Consequently Marioli was born.

After operating Marioli in Mexico City, Mariana and Jose Antonio decided to move the business to San Antonio. Marioli has been operating in San Antonio as a gastronomic store of chef prepared meals to go, taqueria, artisan bakery, house made salad and sandwich bar. Her affordable, healthy, great tasting food, bakery and specialty Mexican fare is available to the daily consumer as well as catering for special events.

Experienced catering to the San Antonio community has allowed Marioli to establish a trustworthy working relationship with local families and corporations such as: Hispano USA, Ruiz-Healy Art, Instituto Cultural de Mexico, Trinity University, Tesoro, McNay Art Museum, The Parman Library, Century21, Bauvi Group, NuStar Energy, UTSA and Blackbrush Oil among others.



Taco Time

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Taco Tuesday

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Taco Time

Lunch 12.50

Dinner 15.00

Taco Tuesday

Lunch 10.50

Dinner 12.50

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